is our vision for the next generation of cycling apparel - regarding performance technology, aesthetics, and responsible practices (minus the greenwashing).

We are a team of passionate cyclists & experts in the fields of apparel technology, manufacturing & performance cycling. Making the best product is our focus - that's it. We love the ride as much as you do. We designed it to enhance your experience: the better the product, the less you notice it. The more you can focus on being in the present of the ride. A pure and seamless connection between technology, human, and nature.

Cycling affords us a better understanding of our impact on the world around us and therefore informs positively our everyday choices. We want to inspire as many people as possible to share these moments - and all the fun!

In our B2B deep tech arm,, we are researching and developing responsible next-generation textile technologies for the sports apparel industry in cooperation with Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest research organization.

We have also been designing and building boutique handbuilt bikes made of steel & carbon fibre since 2011. Watch this space, for more news about

Join our family. Ride with us & see you out there!


Photos: Fabian Frinzel